Benefits Of Direct Online Hotel Booking Engine And Channel Manager Software


Hospitality industry marked astounding growth world widely in last few years. Property management has become an integral part at every stage for hoteliers. To expand your hotel business an automated hotel booking system for property management and maintenance comes to rescue. Coming with a hotel booking engine system and channel manager software provides hoteliers more revenue.

Asiatech Hotel Channel Management Software provides helps to avoid the manual interference in the process of updating their inventory and rates across several channels. Our channel manager software is available world widely i.e. Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Nepal. The integration with Asiatech channel manager ensures hotel’s inventory to display in real-time on various distribution channels. This reduces errors and ensures your hotel always capitalizes on booking potential. This hotel’s channel manager Sri Lanka, Nepal and Malaysia helps your staff reduces work, manage rate parity and maintain an impressive online presence across a growing list of channels.

How does it work?

Asiatech hotel channel management software allows hotels to view status of all its channels. To preserve all the channels, this software processes then displays channel wise multiple rate plans. It also gives facility to open and close at channel level, inventory type level and rate plan level of rooms. With the channel manager Nepal’s, hotels can have multi-currency policy along with ability to set room allocations to channels for a particular date period.
The centralized process of the booking engine system helps keep everyone informed. Hoteliers can update rooms which are ready for check in quickly and easily. This promises inclusive transparency and reduces the chances of any vital information being lost due to lack of communication.

Booking systems are awfully easy to use, shorten operations and at the same time make most of revenue. When software’s are there to support hotel owners, there is enormously no reason to go manually. So, take a step back and witness if you would want to save your time in managing operational overheads.



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