Why Is A Centralized Reservation System A One-stop Solution For Hoteliers?


Cohesiveness plays an essential role in Hotel Industry runs on the essential. There is no place for data silos here and all internal teams/departments need to have synergy to create an ideal experience for the guests and provide them impeccable hospitality. The expansion of hotel business makes the handling of the manual data a lot more tedious. This is where a Hotel Reservation System comes into the picture. An incredible amount of revenue can be generated if hoteliers get well equipped with such cutting-edge software, provided by travel technology companies.

The centralized reservation system simplifies Front Office Tasks by facilitating ‘real time’ information about the status of rooms. By using the front desk console, the hotel staff can directly draw bookings and can update them effortlessly.  A robust Hotel Reservation system can automatically allocate rooms to guest on the basis of pre-defined parameters like cleanliness, availability, occupancy, and so on.

Moreover, the hoteliers can be seamlessly connected with the global marketplace in real time, which proves to be crucial for them and helps them to stay afloat in a cut-throat competition. People have a plethora of options when it comes to hospitality, and it becomes a necessity for hotel owners to enhance their visibility as much as they can. The centralized reservation system not only increases the number of bookings via the hotel’s own website but also integrates hoteliers with other online channels such as OTA’s and GDS. Apart from this, a centralized system makes it possible to manage all channels via one interface, and maintain a uniform room inventory as well as rate parity across all channels. To cut the long story short, the reservation process is streamlined and the instances of overbooking are eliminated.

The Online Travel Agencies are also getting more flexible and traveler-centric and providing free cancellations or modification in the booking up to a certain date. If there is no Hotel Reservation System in place, then it can become a cumbersome task for hoteliers to manually deal with various vendors, thereby leading to mismanagement in bookings and resulting in huge losses. An integrated system can, on the other hand, update the OTA in real-time whenever a reservation is canceled or details are modified.

So, it won’t be an overstatement if we say that a centralized reservation system is a one-stop solution for Hoteliers.



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