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Fees or charges that are added to the basic price of a good or service for additional features or benefits as those added to the price You need to click Add On Services in rate management section .


To manage the property 100% you have to click on blue highlighted content in the Property Setup section and complete all of them

On left of the dashboard there are two icons--

  1. Room Chart- This will directly take you to the Room Chart.
  2. Connected Channel- This icon will show you the connected channels of your related property i.e. Goibibo, Expedia,, TripAdvisor(TripConnect) etc.

Dashboard is showing your property's following details--

  • Today's and monthly earning ang booking.
  • Property setup.
  • Today's Task
  • Today's booking details.

Select the option Bookings

Click on Account option.

Enter the booking id and search Booking.

Login to channel manager

Click on 'bookings" , then select option "Accounts"

Click on "UPDATE" option, and enter the Received Amount and Reference Number lastly, submit.

Yes !!! you can manage accounts in Channel Manager.

Go to the account section,

Enter the date for which you want to search for,

Then, search booking, you will get the list of all bookings.

Select the option Bookings

Click on Account option.

Select the OTAs of which you want to search

And search Booking.

Go to Room Management and click Room and Rate Plan and lower you see Room with Rate Plan for which Room Category Meal Plan you want to Delete you can delete Here if  want to change Status, can change Active to Inactive or Via Versa

Go to Room Management and click Room and Rate Plan, then create a Rate Plan and select Room Category and Tick Rate Plan which you want to create. From here we can create Rate Plan for Booking Engine only for the OTA you need to create.

There is two to ways to update inventory. Please find below.

1 - Bulk Update - In this go for Bulk Update Choose Room Category for which you want change in inventory, put no of Inventory you want to update and you have select Start date to End Date and Last there is option for want to update Sold Date Also then select Yes or No and then Update Inventory.

2 - Individual Update -  Go to particular Room Category and select which date you want to change in inventory either you can put inventory and update.

Go to Room Management section and then click Room & Rate Plan and Create New Room Category. Then you need to put necessary information like Room Category Name, Room Base Occupancy , Max Occupancy, extra Bed for Room Category, Extra Bed ,Extra Bed Cost , Child Cost, total room of rooms for particular Room Category and Last Room Description which will reflect over Booking Engine and last add category and then put status from inactive to active. This is only for Booking Engine for the OTA you need to create Room Category.

When new ota connect with Channel Manager. Than it is necessary to do sync inventory.

Go to Room Management and click Room and Rate Plan select Room Ctaegory and change Status from Active to Inactive.

Availibility calender use for manage the inventory which is reflect over OTA and Booking Engine.

It  is the way by which Hotelier can Sent  payment  request link to customer for the  payment.

Green represent full number of inventory available for particular room category.

Red represent no inventory available for particular room.

Yellow Represent some inventory available for particular room category.

Go to Room Management and click Room and Rate Plan, then create a Rate Plan and select Room Category and Tick Rate Plan which you want to create. From here we can create Rate Plan for Booking Engine only for the OTA you need to create.

At First ,channel manager will login, then he have to click on the link of "request money" , where he have to click on the link of "generate payment" and fill the  customer details ( customer email , customer mobile no. payment amount , payment remarks , etc

Now click on generate link, After this payment request link is generated on the phone no. and mail id of customer which is mentioned above.

Go to the rate management section. You have to click discount section enter discount title, date range and discount Rates in %. Then you have to click create discount option

a. Seasonal Discount:-  Seasonal discount is lower than normal price offered to Booker to make out of season Booking for seasonal

b.  Coupon Code Discount:- coupon code, or promo code, is a computer-generated code, consisting of letters or numbers that  customers can enter into a promotional box on a site's booking cart (or checkout page) to obtain a discount on their booking .

c. Loyalty Program Discount:- Loyalty discounts are offered to repeat customers to encourage larger purchases. Loyalty discounts give incentives on price or extra benefit or discounted rates for customers who are loyal to the brand.

d. Early Bird Discount:- Hotels can increase advanced bookings by offering something called an Early Bird Discount. Early bird discount are just saying that customers are book the hotel before the check in date at the Regular booking price

e.  Last Minute Discount:- Last minute bookers to capture the additional bookings discounts .

f. Limited Offer:- A limited-time offer is any kind of discount, deal, special discount, or reward a Booker can get if they make a booking from hotel during a certain time period.

g. Long stay:- A long stay discount could be used if booker where wanting to create a discount for people who stay for a certain period of time, it will then take a percentage off the booking.


There are many purposes for discounting, including to increase short-term booking, to move out-of-date. Some discounts are forms of bookings promotion. Many are price discrimination methods that allow the bookings to capture.

Discounts you need to click rates management section .

Go to booking report section the, Click on " Booking Channel"

select the booking channel for which you want to see bookings and

click on"Search Bookings" you will get result for OTA's  you have got bookings.

We can check rates ,inventories and sold out updates response  success or failure in reports section. We can  check this  according to date and time. When you need to know who updated  the rates and inventories of your property you can find this from this section.

Booking Analytics:If you  want to see booking status on monthly basis, channel wise  in graphical way  you can use booking analytics. You can find  on this section total booking, total room nights booking, confirmed booking, cancellation and Revenue Earned for selected date.  In this section you can also find booking score in bar chart, Area chart, Pai chart and donut chart.


Go to Booking Section

 select the option " Todays' Check In & Check Out"

  then you will be able to see all the bookings for today's check in and check out.


If you want to check your property booking on monthly basis please find below steps:

Go to booking Analytics -> select channel -> select start date and end date->click on apply filters

After that you will be able to find all account details of selected date with channel wise in tabular form. You can also find the same reports in graphical form like bar chart, Area chart, pai chart and donut chart.

Sometime ifhotelreceives over booking , rates and inventories issue and if you want to see who has updatedyour hotel ‘ssold out dates , rates and inventories with the modified dates, you can check all records in reports section.

You can edit and view guest details like - Guest name, email id, mobile number, Address etc.

When you click on report sectionyou will find two types of option I.e.:

  •  Log Reports: To check inventory changes or rate updation changes select date range i.e. Check –in and Check-out date for which you want to know the information . Then  select  inventory changes or rate changes , room category and Channel name for which you want find and click on view option.

After that you will be able to see the name of the updated person , date and time of the modification and success/failure response .

  •  Log Report (Beta) : This is the new version of the log reports . In this option we can check inventory updation changes with date and time. To check inventory updation changes go to log report(Beta), select date range  then select room category and click on search log.

After that you will be able to see the name of the updated person with date and time and modification and success/ failure respose.

Yes ! this is possible to check the booking with Guest Name.

In the booking Report section type name of Guest Name and search booking.

Though booking report option select the option "Booking Status"

select the particular booking status( Cancelled) you want to check and

then after click on search bookings.

Go to Booking Report Section there is a option of "Export All Bookings" by clicking on this you can export al booking in Excel Sheet.

​Create House Keeping:-

First click on house keeping tab then click house keeper for enter the room number of each room category according to your property.

After exporting all booking in Excel sheet there you can see which room you have assigned to the Guest.


Search the booking with particular booking id

then, click on Booking Id

there you can see Guest Name, Contact Number, Email id, Room Type, Meal Plan.


In booking report section, 

Click on " Payment Type" section then,

select the option of payment you want to check then search booking.

In Booking Report Section:

There you can see search "Search Criteria",

if you want to search with booking id enter the booking id in particular section

then click on search booking, there you can see booking details.


By clicking on booking Id in voucher you can see the Payment Type.

Booking reports display people who have been booked rooms for particular date, Room Category and Meal Plan.

In booking Report section there is option of View Type

select the option Stay Date enter the Start Date and End Date.

then click on "Search Booking" all the booking in particular date range will appear on below booking list.

Login your Channel Manager click on ''Bookings''.

Then, click on "Booking Reports" there you can see all bookings.

You need to follow below steps to change the password of channal manager

1.Click on Hotel details then go to general details.

2.Click on Reset password tab.

3.Enter old and password then put new password and make save changes.

You need to follow below steps to update Photo gallery

1.Click on the hotel details option then click on photo galley section.  

2.Choose files button and select the photo you have and submit.

3. Tag the image with particular type.

4. The Image will be reflect on booking engine. 

You need to follow below steps to update Hotel and Room Amenities

1.Click on the hotel details option . 

 2.Click on Amenities and then select the Amenities you have and submit

You need to follow below steps to update Logo and cover page of booking engine

1.Click on Hotel detail as and then click on photogallery.

2.Select logo and cover page image and upload.

You need to follow below steps to update document of your property

1.Click on Hotel details.

2.Click on General details then select Document tab.

3. Select documents and upload.

You need to follow below steps to update Bank account details

1.Click on Hotel Details and Select General details.

2.Click on bank details and submit the details and make save changes.

In Make a reservations option ,End user creates the offline booking and send the voucher to the guest and also receive the payment for hold bookings using payment gateway link.

Follow the below step to make a reservation in Asiatech channel manager

Click on Bookings  → Make a reservation → Select Date & click on search availabilityselect available roomsselect the no. of guests and meal plan and you can edit the payable amount or total amount using pencil icon select booking source and source type add guest detailsClick to confirm BookingAdd Booking status(Confirm or Hold) and payment detailsClick on create Booking.

The option allows you to make a reservation on hold, without receiving any immediate payment. Guest can make payment at a later date, within a specified time-frame using the payment gateway link. If guest doesn’t make the payment within given time frame, Booking automatically gets cancelled and inventory automatically released in CRS.

Under Hold booking option you can check the booking details ,extend the hold time, Modify reservation, send reminder to guest for making the payment.

GDS stands for Global Distribution System. It is a large computer network that passes inventory and rates for hotels to travel agents and travel sites. The GDS is made up of data that is collected by Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Pegasus and Worldspan. It is important to note that the GDS does not actually maintain inventory and rates but passes it through to the end user from the hotel. The hotel will load rates. When a query is made the GDS simply passes the information to the end-user.

Schedule A Campaign: 

To schedule a campaign first you have to create it. After the creation now you want to send the created Flyers to guests to provide them information about the upcoming Events.

Now when you will click on Schedule Campaign you can see two sections i.e., Schedule Emails and Schedule Bulk Email

  1. SCHEDULE EMAILS : Under this three options will be showing i.e., Schedule, Time and Template.
  • Schedule: In schedule tab you have to select any one option from the Pre Arrival, During Stay and Post Departure. 

             Pre Arrival: Under pre arrival you can send the Flyers like Information about Restaurant and their menus, Reception Contact No., Amenties of your hotel and many more to that guest which chcek in date is today. 

           During Stay: During Stay is for that guest which is currently staying at your property and you want to inform them regarding the Event. You can send them Flyers like Places Near to Visit, Restaurant Menus etc.

           Post Departure: You can send the flyers like Review link to give the feedback and Special Promotional discount for the future bookings. These kind of flyers will send to that guest who already check out .




Housekeeping refers to the management of duties and chores involved in the running of a household, such as cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, shopping, laundry and bill pay. A housekeeper is a person employed to manage a household, and the domestic staff. This is part of PMS.

Effective housekeeping can help control or eliminate workplace hazards. Poor housekeeping practices frequently contribute to incidents. It also requires paying attention to important details such as the layout of the whole workplace, aisle marking, the adequacy of storage facilities, and maintenance.

Create Campaign:

Firstly you have to know how can you create a campaign to attract guests to improve or boost your bookings.

When you will click on create campaign it will take you on different page where you can see the three options i.e., Elements,Property and Blank Page

  • Elements: In elements section there are lots of elements available by using which you can create a flyer to attract your guest . For example if you want to add a Page Header you have just drag and drop on the campaign creation selection. Similarly you can use the other elements also like Header, Paragraph and etc. According to your Events you can add the contents in campaign creation page.
  • Property: Under property section you can change the page layout or design like page background colour and padding.
  • Blank Page: Under this you can delete all the content.


First of all, let us understand MLOS which is basically is a number of nights a guest can stay. Yes, Minimum Length of Stay and stop sell also be updated from channel manager but it has some limitation for selected OTA like Cleartrip and GO-MMT.

1. Click on Rate management.

2. Click on Rates and enter Rates and select No. of minimum nights to get updated MLOS.

3.Select a date range and make save changes


This is very necessary to understand MLOs which only can be updated on Travelguru, Expedia, Agoda, Booking. Com

Implementation of branding:

Today, it’s widely recognized the brands are the key point for creating value in most companies.In the world have a lot of brands of companies, hotel, goods, restaurant, but have no each of brands all are have good reputation.

Branding helps distinguish you from your competitors. What sets you apart from generic products is your brand. It basically helps you fence off your customers from competition.

The brand name is a part of the brand consisting of the words or letters that can be used to identify the firm. So the brand name is very import for company. Much company in this apart is feel difficult. A success brand need to have name easy to pronounce, recognize, and remember. A company sale car then have name National car Rental, easy to remember. At the other hand need to describes the benefit of the product or service. It’s a bonus for advertising and promoting a brand if the same describe the produce’s benefit. Example is Taj Group of Hotels.

First, let us understand in which case we need to put stop sell. Stop sell only is implemented when you are facing any issues i.e. Regular disparity, discount issue or any other so you just want to stop selling your rooms on that specific Online Travel aggregator until concerned issue would not solve.

1. Click on update rates and then enter rates, select date range and mark Yes on stop sell. 

Stop sell can be  updated on Goibibo,Makemytrip,Travelguru,, Agoda, Expedia

Branding: It defines a brand as a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.

Branding In Hotel Industry:

Brand by producing more and more market share, providing a higher return on investment, and the importance of building customer loyalty, especially in hospitality and tourism industry.

Hotel selling the goods can only be enjoying the goods or services. It’s different than other products; tourists are no able to test the goods before purchase. They are also bound geographically to a place and to the culture and environment of the destination are the intangibility and perish ability of tourists’ experience. The hotel product of which consumption is also a trait in the choice of a destination. But this depends on how many of guests know about the hotel branding.

Government use stars to classification the levels of hotel. Higher star ratings indicate more luxury. Standards of hotel classification is F&B, view, entertainment, room variations ,spas and fitness centers, ease of access and location may be considered in establishing a standard. The hotel stars maximum is 5 stars. So, the tourist can learn the number of hotel stars to know how the hotel facility and service and make a decision.


Yes, You can also check rates updated status. You need to follow below steps : on Reports.

2. Click on Log reports and then select room category, date and Channel or OTA (for which you wanted to check the rates updated or not and it will show the log report)

You need to follow below steps:

1. Click first on Rate dynamics then Select a start date and end date,

2. Select Room Category and meal plan for which you wanted to create rate dynamics then click on Proceed.

The most important thing which should keep in mind while creating Rate dynamics that it will only be applicable after 7 days of creation.

3. Now, select the no of inventories i.e.10-6 (room less than or equal to and Greater than or equal to ) then enter rates.

4. You need to click on Add more fields 1-5((room less than or equal to and Greater than or equal to) and put rates for given inventories.

5. After making setting then click on create rate dynamic rate rules.

Sync rates are necessary when there is a discrepancy in rates on one or more OTA's

To sync rates, You need to follow below steps :

1. Click on Rate Management.

2. Click on Rates and then click Sync Rates.

3. You need to select the OTA(for eg.Goibibo) from which you wanted to sync the rates and then select OTA( for eg.Travelguru)  on what you wanted to push the rates, select date Range and click on sync. 

Rate management is the process of giving rates and also ensuring that there is suitable rate parity across all online Rate management is the process of giving rates and also ensuring that there is suitable rate parity across all online travel sites.  It includes Rates, discounts, MLOS which should be equally updated and distributed on all channels.e travel sites.  It includes Rates, discounts, MLOS which should be equally updated and distributed on all channels.

Rate Dynamic is a functionality which let you manage your rates according to available inventory based on rule created by you in our system. this functional automatically increase/decrease rates on all connected channels based on available rooms on each date.

If your full inventory is available you may sell your first room slot at lowest possible rates as that lowest slot get sold out system will automatically increase your sell rate and start generating revenue on each slot created in the system. which will automatically impact your revenue and increase your profit

Yes, you can easily update rates for weekend and Weekdays. 

1. click on rate management and then rates.

2. Click on Update Rates and then enter rates.

3. Select the weekdays or weekends on which you wanted to update the rates, select date range and make save changes

For each and every time when you do set up rate dynamics, You will receive a success report which indicates the rates dynamics successfully updated or not.

It will show the status of success and failure of all connected OTA's of Rate dynamics.

To update the rates you need to :

1.Click on Rate Management  then Click on Rates.

2.Select Room category and  Meal plan.

3.Click on Update Rates then enter rates and make Save changes.


It is mandatory to update rates for all occupancy i.e. Person1, Person 2, Person 3, Extra Bed and Extra Child. Triple occupancy rates always are double occupancy + Charges of extra Bed.

Occupancy which shows in Rate management section always be automatically fetching via OTA's as they have already created on OTA's like Goibibo,MMT,Travelguru,

If any of the field left blanked then rates will not be updated

Yes, You can also give separate rates to OTA as well as for offline bookings( AsiaTech). Rates which you updated on AsiaTech, it will show in Make a reservation and on Website Booking engine. Please follow below steps

1.Select rate management. on rates then click on Update Rate.

3. Enter the rates, select AsiaTech only, select date range and mark save changes.

AsiaTech Inc has enable to use a feature through which you can keep all of your important contact details at one place... Keeping all impotant contact details together  enables your co-worker to contact the right person without asking you for contact details... Even if a new co-worker join your hotel he/she can easliy get all desired contact information from one place which is AsiaTech Inc Hotel Management System... 

Navigation :- Hotel Details> Support > Market Manager > Add Market Manager

For creating room categories on OTA like makemytrip,cleartrip and others you need to contact your local market manager... None of the channel manager available in market provide such option from which you can create room category directly throught channel manager... As of now none of the OTA has released such API...

Please Note :- If you have already created or planning to create a new room category always inform your channel manager partner as they need to map that new created room category in channel manager system for rates and inventory sync...

AsiaTech Inc Channel Manager gives you power to report of invalid credit card details given in booking direcly to with login into extranet... Now from our booking panel you can report this issue... Please Follow the Below Given navigation to find our...

Navigation :- Bookings > Booking Report > > Action > Invalid Card Details

Please Note :- This feature is only available for bookings

Timeline To Report A Invalid Card Details :- Reporting may be done immediately after the time of booking, up until midnight the day of check-in.

What Will Happen If I Report This Issue :- Guest with invalid credit card details will then receive a notification from inviting them to provide alternative card information within 36 hours. If customers do not take action within 36 hours, the reservation may be canceled directly by the property, but via the extranet only