What isTripadvisor instant booking?

Millions of travelers can now book rooms directly on TripAdvisor. Instant booking gives accommodations an easy way to tap into this powerful new booking channel - and optimize conversions on the world's largest travel site. Hotels capture reservations directly through their trusted connectivity partners, and own guest relationships from the very beginning. And with our simple "Pay for Stays" commission model, there's no risk and no up-front investment.

How does Trip advisor instant booking works?

Instant booking gives travelers all the information they need to book their stays with you immediately on Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor collaborates with your connectivity partner to display your live rates and availability in the Price Finder placement. When travelers click "Book on Trip Advisor," they can effortlessly convert from browsing to booking - without leaving the site. The booking process is fully optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile platforms, in all global currencies. You'll receive the bookings directly through your connectivity partner, pay commissions only for completed stays and enjoy full access to extensive data and reporting.

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