Hotel Revenue Management

Improve Your Business Without Much Efforts

Many hoteliers have no idea what to do first when launching a hotel and what basic tools to buy for a successful working process.

That’s why HotelFriend provides all marketing services, which beginners and even experienced business people in a difficult situation can often need.

We work with hoteliers from different countries and know what problems they are facing. And we know how to eliminate them.

We, a team of professionals, will help you with SEO optimization, promotion, direct bookings, and solving many other hotel marketing issues

Online Content Reviews

Your online content is a major contributor to your hotel performance. Visitors may be landing on out-of-date content. Or worse incorrect pricing or old discounts and offers. To prevent this from happening, we regularly do all online Content Reviews.

  • OTA Content Reviews
  • Google Map Business Page Listing
  • Updated Content if required
  • Maintaining 100% Content Score across all OTA's
  • OTA Customer case co-ordination
  • Possibility of priority listing on OTA's

Yield Management

A strategy for pricing inventory according to demand in order to control profitability. As a subset of revenue management, it focuses exclusively on finding your hotel’s optimal balance of supply and demand for its rooms, or the point where prices perfectly match traveler demand.

  • Dynamic pricing strategy based on available inventory
  • Generate maximum revenue per available room (RevPAR)
  • Maximising Revenue on Unsold rooms
  • Optimizing performance during off season
  • Discount strategy planing

Review Management

The success of your brand depends on the voice of your customer. Use feedback and reviews to drive your acquisition and retention strategies

  • Elevate your customer experiences
  • Forcing on area of improvement based on Guest Feedback
  • Positive Reply to very review posted across platforms available
  • Encourage guest to post a review

Custom Engagement*

Customer engagement is the act of building a relationship with the people who are buying what you’re selling

  • Communicating with guest on frequently with promo email
  • Taking feedback by call on there stay
  • Resolve any issue report while feeback call
  • Revenue Generation through cross selling
  • Increase retention and decrease churn
  • Sending Promotional email events and offers
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Why choose AsiaTech?

Put simply, we know our stuff. We have been innovating and iterating our hospitality SSAS solutions since 2014 and have become an experienced brand you can trust.

Increase sales

Increase your sales through better pricing. On the basis of the most relevant data, we calculate profitable price recommendations for you every day.

Fully automated

By fully automating work processes and integrating them with your existing systems, you save a lot of time and avoid errors in data maintenance.

Always the right price

Among other things, we take into account the historical and current booking situation, competitor rates, market demand, reviews, events and holiday calendars.

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